TUNZA Sports Academy
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THE FOUNDER – Passion drives you to do things you love, Love drives you to do it for others.

Tunza Sports Academy is an initiative that stemmed from a passion for sport and compassion for humanity.  A balance between self-drive and self-sacrifice ~ embodied in the heart of one girl who grew up without much to aspire for. The idea was initially to give to others, aiming for love to spread. But just dishing handouts was unfulfilling. Our founder wanted people to become part of the process that would ultimately transform their lives. Her passion for sport became the vehicle for this process… >> more

THE IMPULSION – Crazy Dreams Take Crazy Dreamers.

Tunza impulsion occurred as a result of three major things – Unfulfilled dreams; influence from coaching and mentoring abroad; and the need to follow up on the impact of giving. Tunza was purposed to give the next generation a better shot at life, using new approaches that were absent in past generations, and ensuring that the impact of donated resources can be measured… >> more

THE MISSION – Transform lives through sport

We hope ~ not to merely survive, but to thrive and build an empire, so our children can have a shot at life. What began as a one person charity has become community driven effort. This has been made possible by finding a team that understood the vision, shared the passion and believed in the mission. Our mission is to work with communities to enhance quality of life by ending the cycle of poverty through sports… >>more

MEET OUR TEAM – We provoke Change through Dedication, Integrity and Passion

Tunza is a movement. This has been made possible by finding a team that understands the vision, shares the passion and believes in the mission. At TUNZA, sport experience is the catalyst that inspires personal and professional growth. Our team involves those who live and breathe sport. Our coaches have been inspired by sport, inspired by it so greatly that they have chosen to make sport an integral part of their lives ~ to give back to the next generation of players>>more 


We have been fortunate to have the support of accomplished men and women of the sporting fraternity who have used their voice to tell others about Tunza and advocate our work. They have become our ambassadors because they believe in our cause, they believe in the power of sport and dedicate their time in representing the ethos and vision on Tunza.>>more 

OUR IMPACT – Plight springs you to action – passions is ongoing and needs no reminder

Tunza is a movement that harnesses the power of sport – to overcome the most pressing issues affecting poor communities. We focus on the youth as we believe in the philosophy that sport inspires life skills. Our programs are meant to be agents of positive social change. We measure our impact by the lives we change>> more

OUR HISTORY – There is no one who can tell our stories but us.

The story behind the program is a personal one – driven by unfulfilled dreams and compassion for others. It has progressed into a collaborative effort of a team brought together by similar challenges>> more

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