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At TUNZA, we nurture talent, whatever they may be. We use sport as a vehicle for progress. However, Tunza is not just about the sport, it is about making a difference; about improving lives and breaking the cycle of poverty. We are raising global changers – group of empowered young people who will impact change in their societies and positively enrich their lives.

At TUNZA, we don’t believe in just providing tools of trade, we go even further. We believe it is better to have a personal dream and preference for what you want to do in life – and have someone help you pursue it – than have them walk into your life with their own belief system of what is best for you.

At TUNZA, we give access to every child to play sport in our program – because it is their right. UNICEF recognizes “the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.” At their tender age, we identify their strengths (sports or otherwise), and help them by breaking down barriers that would prevent their success>>> THIS IS THE BIGGER PICTURE!

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

At TUNZA, we coach as well as shape kids mentality about life. The youth in Africa have been influenced by the world they see through the screen. They get exposed to different approaches towards lifestyles in their childhood development and it provides an aspiration to pursue big dreams. Social media has played a great role in providing youth a similar platform on how to deal with issues affecting them. However, not all kids have this privileged access. We have kids into our program whose lives are still being shaped by corporal punishment.

At TUNZA, we encourage freedom of expression, forming an opinion and daring to dream. We catalyze self-esteem by constant dialogue and approval of good behavior. We focus mostly on young kids because they have not formed permanent opinions about life and about themselves and we can rescue their young minds; by creating an environment where they are listened to, at least at the institution, if not at home; by instilling in them the belief that they are worth more than being a child laborer, or a child bride; and by helping them overcome the fear of expression, reprimand and failure. We create a world where the rights of every child in our program are realized.

At TUNZA, we don’t want kids thinking that being employed is the ultimate goal in life. We don’t want our girls believing that marriage is the only way out of their circumstances. We don’t want out boys believing that drugs and alcohol abuse is the only way out. We don’t want kids orphaned by AIDS believing that HIV will be their end-state too. We don’t want anyone in our community believing that suicide is the final solution. Yet, these are the life options that our community sees before them every day.

At TUNZA, we break down barriers that wall-in children, one child at a time – one village at a time; by nurturing their interests; and making a path that they can pursue.

Tunza means to nurture, and behind the sport > THE BIGGER PICTURE!

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