TUNZA Sports Academy
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Making an Impact

Success is not measured in the amount of dollars you make, but the amount of lives you impact.

TUNZA IS A MOVEMENT that harnesses the power of sports -to overcome the most pressing issues affecting poor communities. We focus on youth development as we believe in the philosophy that sports inspires life skills. Introducing field hockey in a village that had never heard of this sport, has had tremendous positive effect. The confidence of the girls have grown and their grades improved. The support of the community is evident. In 2019, we took the girls from the base in Kisumu to their first ever tournament 500 km away, a first time for them to leave their village. Their arrival back home, with medals still hanging around their necks – was met by eager parents, teacher and teammates that erupted into a celebration. It was reported that they were received in a manner befitting returning heroines. Singing, Chanting and Dancing, while being escorted by cattle herds, twigs, and lots of ululation. You can call it, Community Based Support. That is what we want. That is why we are doing this! A hockey team has changed this community FOREVER!! We can’t ask for anything more. 

Coaching For Impact

TRAINED and EQUIPPED with tools to coach life skills and address non-sport issues affecting the kids under their program, our coaches bring unique skills and strengths to their role in the organization. We cultivate their potential to form a strong team of life coaches who change lives. We especially provide coaching opportunities  to women so that the young girls in vulnerable communities have great female models. All our coaches are trained to identify children going through traumatic experiences such as physical or sexual abuse. The children are encouraged to express their issues under tight confidentiality and appropriate measures taken to provide a safe environment and reporting.

Charity With Dignity

PARTICIPANTS not just RECIPIENTS is a philosophy that we demand from every beneficiary of our program. We use sports so as to engage kids in the process, so they can be partakers in shaping their own destiny, and not just as recipients of donations. We take to it that their commitment to work hard and excel in sports while staying on a path of discipline and community service, is their contribution towards Tunza. Waking up early for practice is part of the hard work. Completing house chores in time in order to make it to practice is also hard work. Balancing school work with playing sport is especially hard work. But, it is all rewarded.

Meanwhile, Tunza ensures that it can generate all the resources they need to excel. Tunza provides all services and resources for free, but want recipients to maintain their sense of pride and dignity when receiving help. It may be charity, but it we wrap it in dignity, which allows the recipient to feel they earned it. In the process, our kids learn that hard work pays off. To those recipients outside of our academy who reach out for help, we ask them to volunteer in some of our events and feel part of the process as well, and enable them to give back in their own way. We believe everyone has something to give and contribute.  

Address Real Issues

COMMUNITY PROBLEMS are unique for each region that we work.  Child Labor, Early Childhood Marriages, School Dropouts, Water Shortage, Health issues such as malnutrition and HIV/AIDS, Physical and Sexual Abuse by relatives, and FGM are just some of the issues compounding our work. We cannot ignore these problems as that would negate all the work being done on that particular child’s life. Tunza hopes to free all children under our care from all vulnerable situations.

United In Sports