TUNZA Sports Academy
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Our goals do not end in the field of play.

We have numerous tasks to accomplish.

We cannot do this without your support.


In 2018, Dita-North America became the first ever corporate sponsor by donating 50 new pairs of shoes, 60 new pairs of socks, 50 new pairs of shin-guards and 50 brand new Dita hockey balls. Since then, we have consistently received considerable amounts of non-monetary donations from groups and individuals.                                        


Donate and sponsor one of our many children to school or towards their daily needs. You can start form as little as $2. The current World Bank global poverty line is set at $1.90. 2018 World Bank data also that 36% of Kenyans live below this poverty line. Majority of this percentage come from the communities we serve.  You can also specify what you want to donate towards and you can track your life changing donations from the updates we provide you.


$2 per month will cater for proper menstrual sanitary resources for one girl.

$20 per month will provide shelter and food for one orphan in our program.

$75 per month can foster our “one village-at-a-time” project. To enable Tunza to set up a new site at another rural village.

$5 per month will cater for coaching and developmental life-skills for one child.

$30 per month will ensure our local coaches get to their designated locations.

$100 per month is sufficient for high school tuition and boarding for one student.

$10 per month will provide one child in our program with one meal a day.

$50 per month will sustain a library and acquire tutoring for 5 children plus a meal a day.

$500 one time donation is sufficient to fly one child to North America for an exchange program.

 Leave a Legacy

There are people who desire to include benevolence in their will. If our cause touches you in a special way, and it is in your purpose to donate to charity in this way, please consider leaving Tunza a gift in your will. It may cost nothing during your lifetime, but will have a powerful impact for generations to come.


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