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CEO and Founder

Ms. Nyte – M.P.A/ M.A Diplomacy

In rural Kenya, vibrant young children (6-15yrs) are stripped of their childhood by massive family responsibilities. Their lives are dictated by a vicious cycle of poverty as they routinely look after younger siblings, collect firewood and walk many miles to the river to fetch that precious water. To them, this may seem normal, yet it is an imposed parental duty that is mandatory for survival.

Message from our Founder

My name is Rael and I have purposed for a long time to take high performance sports to the most remote villages in Kenya, to rebuild communities and transform lives.

I believe in empowering people to support themselves. I also believe in using my passion to pursue that goal. It took a lot of soul searching to engage in this philanthropic journey.  Sport is my passion and I have purposed to use it to address real societal problems faced by the communities around me.

Field hockey has been more than a sport to me. It has put food on my table, paid for my tuition, introduced me to great people and provided opportunities to travel the world. It is time to give back!

I am in a good and unique position for the success of true philanthropy. This position allows for personal connection between the donor and recipient. I know the donors and know the recipients, both at a personal level ~ a very rare opportunity for direct connection between the two worlds. 

I make good my word, to make Tunza accountable to our donors, our supporters, and within the team – to deliver what we promise through the responsible use of resources while ensuring quality programming and measurable outcomes.


I was born and raised in Kenya. I spent my pre-school years with my grandmother in a remote village in Kenya. I lived in a small township during my primary education years, then eventually attended a boarding school that was in a deeply remote hardship area along the border with Tanzania. Collecting firewood and fetching water from the river for laundry, cleaning and drinking water was the norm. School meals were a standard corn and beans ~ everyday!

My passion to give young people opportunity, comes from years of hardship whilst pursuing a successful career; similarly, my passion to coach and mentor young players comes from unfulfilled dreams, lack of opportunities and lack of support to fulfill my potential as a player. I have always purposed to give ‘back’ (that which I never had), because I know the pain, the despair and the repercussions of not having that external stimulus.

I once had a dream, I have been obedient to the call of that dream and now I am living the dream.

Relevant Quote:

Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

— Martin Luther King

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