TUNZA Sports Academy
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Using Sports to Address Real Problems


The organization seeks to inspire girls to cultivate limitless potential and access numerous opportunities to pursue their dreams. The organization is a Centre for excellence with an intent to end the cycle of poverty through sports, and institute a cycle of giving back.


Introduce high performance sports to empower underprivileged girls, create awareness of their circumstances and impact their communities by ensuring they go beyond high school education. Their exposure hopes to invoke learning institutions to offer academic scholarships. Ultimately, the success of the program hopes to attract support from the government and civil society.


Our Goals Don’t Begin or End On the Field!


Educate girls from impoverished communities in Kenya by providing athletic scholarships, thereby disinheriting poverty, which is the greatest barrier to post-primary education. Girls’ education is an investment with an incredible multiplier effect that provides returns for future generations.


To break the cycle of poverty by nurturing successful community role models who will give back to their community to promote economic growth. Giving back is an ongoing expectation where our players get involved in collective community service, learning the importance of hygiene to teach their families, forming support groups among their peers and identifying skill crafts and talent.


Completion of high school and access to college education. Institute a culture of giving back by involving alumni in ownership of the program. Rewards from opportunities provided by Tunza should be felt across the entire community in the long run.


We place higher education as a measure of worthiness of the program. We will seek to preserve and build around the communities’ cultural way of life rather than erode it.  We place value on integrity, honesty, transparency, hard work and above all, accountability towards donations by ensuring they reach the intended beneficiary.


We target children from very poor backgrounds by giving them the tools for success – to avoid over dependency, encourage self-reliance and teach them how to support their families and community. We do this by harnessing the power of sport to engage, inform and inspire hard work and excellence. Besides sports, the focus is also placed on good citizenship, better grades, community service, and cultural preservation and integration.

United In Sports