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Partners In The Cause

Plight brings sorrow and springs strangers into action. Progress brings joy and builds long-lasting partnerships. The needs are great, we struggle often and situations can be desperate. But we chose to share with you how far we have come, as opposed to replaying infomercials that highlight despair. This is because we value your friendship and want you as a partner – for life.

TUNZA strongly believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts and has already a rich history of working with groups and individuals. Our current partners follow our progress, understand the intent and believe in our vision.

Partnership Opportunities

Current Partners

Big Apple Hockey Inc.

Big Apple Hockey Inc. based in New York partners with Tunza during their Field Hockey Tournaments to collect Sports Equipment donations and raise awareness of its missions. This has been made possible courtesy of Nigel Tranverso, Co -founder of BAHF Inc.

Aces Boxing Club

Aces Boxing Club is an affiliate of USA Boxing and promotes Olympic youth boxing. They have, courtesy of its owner, Coach Joe Zabry, partnered with Tunza to provide guidance to a successful boxing program to prepare youth for Olympic boxing

Kamal Sambi

Kamal Sambi, owner of Modern Furniture Kisumu and Manager Butali Warriors Hockey in Kenya, partners with Tunza by providing storage facilities and security for Tunza donated items. He is also a great resource for emergency workforce, transport and local contacts.

Brigid Siantei

Brigid Siantei works with Women Empowerment Link (WEL) whose mission is to empower women and girls to realize their full potential, worth and strength in all political and socio-economic aspects. Tunza’s mission aligns with her passion that advocates for equal opportunities for girls, and has therefore partnered with us to ensure girls have intimate materiel supplies they need in order to play comfortably.

United In Sports