TUNZA Sports Academy
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Tunza is a movement. Our mission is to work with communities to enhance quality of life by ending the cycle of poverty through sport. We do this by harnessing the power of sport to engage, inform and inspire hard work and excellence. It is a good place to offer your time. Welcome!

Nearly all youth from impoverished communities in Kenya end their studies at high school level, poverty being the main barrier to further their education. They then find themselves starting families of their own without any reliable income nor becoming positive contributors to economic development in their community, thus adding to communal burden. This process institutes a cycle of poverty that cannot be disinherited without an external stimulus.

Most sports centers in Kenya are located in the urban cities, with little to non-existing programs that support rural participation. We purpose to bring similar opportunities to the rural child.  By introducing high performance sports and supporting their education through athletic scholarships, we hope to open channels for success within that family. Our goal is to be a centre for excellence with an intent to replace the cycle of poverty with a cycle of giving back. In addition to sport, we also address pressing social issues suffered by each community such as early marriages, child labor, FGM and HIV life challenges.

This has been made possible by finding a team that understands the vision, shares the passion and believes in the mission. At TUNZA, sports experience is the catalyst that inspires personal and professional growth. Our team comprises those who live and breathe sport. Our coaches have been inspired by sport, inspired by it so greatly that they have chosen to make sport an integral part of their lives ~ to give back to the next generation of players. We are always looking for people driven by compassion for others to become one of our agents of positive social change. That’s where you come in…..

You may be helping us, but we are also looking for someone to uplift.

  1. Advance your career by improving job prospects
    • Gain work experience and networking skills
    • Gain volunteer certification
    • Resume builder – stand out over job candidates who don’t take the time to give back to society
    • Professional Reference
    • Recommendation for employment with our organizational sponsors
  1. Valuable professional experience for college students interested in nonprofit organization
  2. Earn College credit hours
  3. Learn more about community outreach and nonprofit development.
  4. Earn a great reference
  5. Understand other cultures and people
  6. Build self-confidence and boost your self-esteem
  7. Develop a sense of purpose and motivation
  8. Become a game changer
  9. Travel to new places
  • Be driven by passion and dedicated to the mission of transforming lives;
  • Observe social media etiquette – as a Tunza associate you must uphold our name 24/7;
  • Be a self-starter with the ability to think outside the box and offer “fresh ideas”;
  • Have the ability to multitask, identify priorities and meet deadlines;
  • Are a team player and appreciate constructive criticism;
  • Display remarkable conflict management and decision-making skills;
  • Are eager to think outside of the box when faced with potential roadblocks;
  • Be detail-oriented — quality and precision-focused;
  • Be people-oriented — supportive and fairness-focused;
  • Be team-oriented — cooperative and collaborative;
  • Adjust quickly to changing priorities -(we’re a startup – change occurs regularly and rapidly!).


  • Click the button below to apply for one of the positions. You can apply to two positions where applicable.

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Feel free to contact us.

Once any of the Positions below open up, we will let you know.

  • Communications Assistant
  • Records Administrator
  • Social Media Assistant
  • High School Liaison Officer
  • Start-up Liaison Officer
  • Resource and Distribution Officer
  • Home Visit Program Coordinator
  • Donations/Funding Facilitator
  • Equipment Donations Facilitator
  • Coach Educator
  • Hockey Umpire Coach
  • Field Hockey Coach
  • Lacrosse Coach
  • Boxing Coach
  • Teenage Counselor
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Journalist
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Hockey Umpire Coach
  • First Aid Attendant
  • Health and Wellness Therapist
  • Computer Basic Skills Tutor
  • Choreographer
  • Runway Coach
  • Language Tutor (French, Chinese, Spanish, German)